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Are your windows starting to look dirty and streaked? Windows should be kept clean and clear because they allow the sunshine to pour inside and for you to look outside. Further, stained windows affect your reputation as a company.   

Instead of spending an entire weekend on a ladder with a sponge and bucket trying to clean the window of your office or home, why not hire a professional cleaner. It’s cumbersome to clean two or more floors of windows or even a few larger windows. 

A professional window cleaner will remove the dirt and smudges, which can be challenging to clean if you allow it to accumulate for an extended period. 

Window cleaning job we completed in Shepparton

The Reason Why You Should Maintain Your Windows Clean 

First Impressions: Clean windows always make a difference when potential associates, customers, or employees visit your office for the first time. Companies with dirty windows give the impression that they are not keen on details even though the floor and furniture are sparkling clean. Thus, enlisting professional cleaning services will keep your windows clean and certainly create a great first impression. 

Improves Durability

Cleaning of windows improves their longevity and durability. Dust and dirt that accumulate on the sills and windows affect the insulation and glass performance. Thus, neglecting windows will contribute to a premature replacement or frequent repairs. Therefore, it’s essential to clean your windows routinely 

Better Brand Image

Prospective partners and customers will choose to enter into business with you or not based on the appearance of your office. However, routine window cleaning will always keep your office looking attractive, thus enhance the overall image of the firm. The first thing you notice when they get into a building is features like windows. Hence, clean windows strengthen your brand image. 

Employee’s Health

Dirty windows are breeding sites for mould and bacteria that can cause allergies and asthmatic attacks. Thus, you should always maintain your office’s windows clean and sanitized. Clean windows keep your employees’ morale higher, and they will ever want to move to the window during breaks to catch fresh air or enjoy the sunshine. However, dirty windows are repellent, and people will not want even to open them. Employees always grumble about stained windows. 

Saves Money

Regular property maintenance is vital, for it reduces premature repairs and replacement due to damages that were not discovered early. Routine cleaning of your office’s windows is part of simple steps that keep the building in shape. Thus, the practice will save you money in the long run. 

Clean windows lower your air conditioning bills. Employees will be reluctant to open dirty windows; thus, they will find it easier to use an air conditioner than to open the windows for fresh air. Therefore, the air conditioner will work twice as hard when they are dirty than when the windows are clean. 

People will be happy to open the clean windows; the cost of operation will be lower and fewer employees will be sick because dust, dirt, and mold spores make people sick. 

Reasons Why You Should Hire Professional Cleaners 

Photo of our commercial window cleaning job in Shepparton

1. Building Maintenance 

You are required to maintain the building, whether you’re just a tenant or owner. Therefore, a commercial window cleaner will ensure that your office’s windows are spotless, thus help you to comply with your lease’ requirements.  

Further, these professionals are trained to identify potential damages and report to the management. These reports can help you to act promptly and repair the affected area before it becomes a significant issue.  

Actually, Shepparton Cleaning Services will clean your windows and repair the affected areas. Thus, the commercial window cleaner will handle these challenges as you concentrate on your core business.  

2. Safety 

Professional window cleaners have proper training on how to clean the windows and are armed with appropriate equipment. Thus, it’s safer to hire commercial cleaners than ask your existing employees to do the job. Although this is an easy task for the trained professional, the same can’t be said of your employees.  

In view of that, hire professional window cleaners who can get the job done efficiently and promptly while you allow your staff to concentrate on their core duty, thus optimize productivity. 

3. Right Weather Conditions 

Not all weather is ideal for cleaning windows, and professional window cleaners are aware of that. For instance, most companies ask their employees to clean windows when it’s sunny because that is the time when the dirt is visible. 

However, trained cleaners know that windows shouldn’t be cleaned when the sun is shining because cleaning products dries very fast before they are rinsed, thus affecting the appearance of the windows after washing.   

Windows are cleaned in the spring when they are dirtiest and a day when it’s cloudy, or early before the sun. It’s also advisable to clean in the same direction of the wind to limit spray getting to the cleaned panes. 

4. Right Cleaning Supplies and Tools 

As stated, professional window cleaners have the right tools and products for the work, thus protecting the windows from any damages. Cleaning stained or leaded glass with ammonia-based cleaning products will damage them permanently. 

Commercial cleaners have equipment such as telescoping cleaning tools and ladders. These tools help them to access hard-to-reach windows safely. 

5. Saves Time 

Window cleaning exercise takes a lot of time, particularly those who are not trained or have no experience doing the work. However, a window cleaning professional will take less time and will do a better job. Thus, they can clean several story windows because they have the right equipment while your team concentrates on their work and without distractions. 

6. Removes Insect Infestations 

Insects such as spiders, bees, wasps, and ladybugs build their nests in channels and behind window shutters, thus limiting windows’ operation. Window cleaners can clean the windows and even disinfect those areas, thus keeping insects away from your windows. Further, they can clean stains caused by the insects, hence leaving the windows sparkling clean. 


Clean windows will bring amazing benefits to your company. Contact Shepparton cleaning services for a quote and suggestions on the best cleaning solutions that suit your needs. 

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