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What things/places do I need to clean before moving out of my apartment? 

Before moving out of your apartment, your carpets and floors should be thoroughly vacuumed and cleaned, pre-installed kitchen appliances like oven and refrigerators should be cleaned. Interiors of the cabinets and wardrobes should be wiped down, any scrapped paint and plaster should be corrected. Bathroom floors and basin etc. should be sanitized and cleaned.   

Do I need to clean my apartment if I want to move out? 

Cleaning the apartment makes sure that you get your security deposit back, and also leaves it habitable for the new occupants. In case you want to put up your house for sale. In the market, then cleaning it ensures that It looks pleasant in the photos and as well as when people walk in for inspection.  

Why is bathroom sanitization necessary?  

People with the suppressed immune system and weak digestive system especially need proper sanitization in their bathrooms. Many bacteria’s linger in your bathroom and washroom floor and walls, which in case it comes in contact with the human system can cause some severe problems with your health.  

What things to take care of while cleaning the bathroom? 

While cleaning makes sure that your personal belongings are safe before starting the cleaning process, then scrub the shower, bath, sinks, toilets etc. Then clean windows, bathroom fixtures, mirrors, wash the shower door and make everything spotless. Then disinfect and clean all the bathmats and cloth curtains etc. then scrub the grout which holds all the grease and dirt. Lastly, filters to the drains are cleaned, and the doorknobs and handles are wiped and disinfected.  

What bacteria can be found in a dirty bathroom? 

The most common bacteria found in your bathroom is Bacteroidaceae, which primarily comes from human excreta, you may also find streptococcus, E Coli or Salmonella lingering in your bathroom if you don’t clean your bathroom frequently.   

What time is the best to get the windows clean? 

Usually, springtime is the best to get your windows clean, else the windows deposit dirt and streaks on them, which can be removed during springtime. However, any time of the year is suitable for window cleaning, and clean windows ensure that the air getting in your house does not carry dirt with it inside.  

Even after cleaning, why do my windows get streaky? 

Streaky windows are a result of dirty water used to clean them, dirt deposits itself on the window. If the water is not clean, it does not remove the streaks and the stains from the window. Another reason can be a dirty cloth or paper used to clean the windows, so make sure that you are using clean water and a clean cloth while removing dirt and stains.  

Can I use newspaper to clean my windows? 

The newspaper has a quite dry nature, so while cleaning the windows, they absorb the water quite quickly and do not move the water around on the window, which prevents streaks on the glass. So the newspaper is a good option while cleaning the windows.  

Can windows get damaged if I don’t get it cleaned?  

Dirty windows can make the glass weak and more prone to breaking, settled dirt on the glass can discolour the window and harm the opacity of the glass, which will cause permanent damage to the window, even after cleaning it thoroughly.  

What is the process of deep cleaning the bedroom?  

The first thing that needs to be done is that the duvets, sheets, pillow cover etc. are washed and dried, the mattress is vacuumed for dirt and debris. Then the ceiling fan, window panes, fixtures etc. are vacuumed and wiped clean, the floor is vacuumed and scrubbed clean. The walls are cleaned, and the under and behinds of the furniture are vacuumed, all these are few of the many things done to deep clean the room. 

Can dirty rugs be a cause of athlete’s foot? 

Dirty carpets are the leading cause of skin problems such as athlete’s foot, and they can even trigger skin asthma. They can cause athlete’s foot if you walk barefoot on them, as bacteria and fungi come in to contact with your feet through wounds, cuts etc. Dust and dirt that gets settled on the carpet can cause skin asthma attacks. 

Can my immunity degrade due to unclean surroundings? 

Unclean and unsanitary environment increases the stress level, which degrades our immunity. Dirt in the carpets carries harmful bacteria which makes you vulnerable to diseases, dangerous organism like mycotoxin, which is made of mould, develop very quickly in the carpets. These organisms can take a severe toll on our immune system and expose us to various health problems.  

What diseases can I contract from a dirty carpet or rug?  

Diseases like digestive problems, stomach flu, asthma, respiratory problems, allergic reactions etc. can be contracted through a dirty carpet. Viruses and bacteria like norovirus or Norwalk virus, campylobacter, moulds etc. may get into your carpets and rugs and make you ill if not cleaned and sanitized correctly.  

How often should I deep clean my carpets? 

Deep cleaning of the carpets ensures that they are sanitary and that they remain like new for a long time. Generally, when there is average foot traffic, you should get your carpets deep cleaned every 11-12 months, but if you get heavy foot traffic on your carpets, then you should get the carpets deep cleaned in every six months, to keep them safe for bacteria and wear tear.  

How often should the leather be conditioned? 

You should get the leather conditioned professionally every 4-5 months. This period may vary according to the climate and environment of your area. You should get it waterproofed once every year to ensure that the life of the leather is not reduced. The timeframe may vary according to your lifestyle and usage.  

Can usage of peroxide damage leather? 

The usage of peroxide on leather causes damage to the dye and saturates the leather very quickly.  

How do you get sticky leather clean? 

It’s preferred to get professional help, but if you want to do it on your own, then you can start by creating foam in a soapy water bowl, you will use these soap foam to clean the leather, dip the cloth in the foam and then rub it on the sticky leather, continue rubbing until all the sticky spots are gone, then let the leather air dry. 

How are the Grouts cleaned? 

Grouts can be cleaned thoroughly using steam technology or by using chemicals that ensure that all the germs breeding in the grout area are sanitized and cleaned. The germs and bacteria build up in the grout over time can lead to various diseases that can hinder your immunity. 

Do I need to get the grout and tiles cleaned before getting them sealed?  

Yes, it is necessary to get the grout and tiles cleaned professionally before getting them sealed, as any kind of dirt and uncleanliness can cause problems with the sealing. However, the exception to getting them cleaned can be if the house is brand new and has not been previously used.  

What is the process of getting grouts cleaned?  

Firstly the floors are prepared for cleaning. Then the specialized cleaning agents are applied and left for some time; meanwhile, the tiles and grouts are scrubbed clean. Then pressured washing system is used to force away all the dirt using hot water and pressure. The water is vacuumed side by side so that there are no unnecessary spots and marks left behind. Then they are air-dried and checked for any remaining spots. This sums up the necessary process.  

Can clean the grout cause damage to my floor? 

No, getting your grout cleaned won’t damage your floors, the process is done with extreme care and precaution. Only trained and professional experts are given the job to carry out this work, so you can rest assured and get the job done.  

How often should I get my tile and grout cleaned?

Usually, in a place where the foot traffic is average, you should get the grout cleaned in every 7-8 months, but if you have heavy foot traffic or you are unable to do the regular necessary cleaning, then you can get them cleaned in every 3-4 months. 

Can I clean the grout by myself? 

Cleaning the grout by yourself without the use of professional equipment is impossible, as they have a porous surface and they absorb dirt, germs, liquids etc. and by just moping on the surface you cannot remove the dirt from the deep pores. Getting them cleaned professionally ensures that the dirt and germs, even in the deep ends of the grouts and tiles are sucked clean.  

What to clean in the house before summer?  

Before summer arrives you need to get the air vents, gutters etc. cleaned. If you have a roof or a walkway, then get it washed professionally so that they are ready for the summer heat. Get the windows and window panes cleaned and ready for opening.  

What is the best essential oil for carpets? 

To make your carpets smell nice, you can use essential oils with vinegar or baking soda and apply them to the carpet. Fragrances like lemon, orange, lavender, peppermint, cinnamon, eucalyptus etc. work very well for this purpose. 

How to Clean Mold from Upholstery? 

Place the furniture in sunlight for a few hours, then use a broad brush or a broom to sweep any visible mould from the furniture. Then use a vacuum and suck all that mould from the fabric of the furniture. If there is a lot of moulds, you can use soap foam and wipe the mould with foam and cloth, and then let it sit in the sunlight for several hours. To remove the mould smell, you can use an alcohol and water solution and spray it on the affected areas, and then let it dry.  

How to get rid of pet dander from leather upholstery? 

Firstly, vacuum the upholstery thoroughly then use a soap solution, make sure that the soap is not alkaline. Then with the solution, wash the leather thoroughly using a clean cloth and by washing it time to time get rid of all the pet dander from the leather. Then rinse the leather using a damp cloth with clean plain water, so that the soap does not soak into the inner lining of the upholstery. Once the leather is clean, dry it using a soft towel. 

Why should I get upholstered office furniture cleaned? 

Getting the office furniture cleaned professionally ensures that they are odour free and harsh stains are removed, which is visible can hamper the company’s image and also cause health violations in the workspace, getting them cleaned also ensures that their life is extended so that you don’t have to invest in expensive furniture too frequently.  

What precautions need to be taken after getting the carpets cleaned professionally?  

To make sure that the cleaning process does not tamper and the results are best, you need to let it dry for at least six to eight hours before stepping on it, and it is best to let it dry for a minimum time of two days before placing any heavy furniture on the carpet.  

Do we need to move any of the furniture before getting my office deep cleaned?  

It is best to remove any unnecessary furniture from the area which does not need to be clean by the professionals as it will create a hindrance while deep cleaning the areas. The heavy items which cannot be removed can be left in the area, and the experts will work around it and make sure that the furniture is safe from any damage. 

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